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Home Selling Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks Sticky Note

This is our bi-weekly tips and tricks page for home sellers. Stay ahead of the game with current real estate informations and tips that will save you time and money! Check back few new tips and tricks every two weeks.


1.  Quick Fixes To Sell Your Home Faster

  • Flooring - Replace worn or stained carpet.  Always choose a neutral color.  Replace chipped or cracked tiles and clean or replace the grout.
  • Paint Ceilings and Walls - Buyers look at ceilings for leaks.  Make sure they don't see grease, smoke or cracks!
  • Kitchen Improvements - Beat up or old cabinets could kill your sale.  Low to mid-range kitchen remodels return the most money.  Granite counter make a great impression!  Fix that leaky faucet!
  • Bathrooms - The national average of recouped cost is over %100 for bathrooms!
  • Roof & Exterior - Another big selling point.  If it needs to be fixed...DO IT.
  • Patch cement
  • Resurface asphalt
  • Plant flowers
  • Caulk windows
  • Replace knobs and locks
  • Paint & repair fences

2.  When to get a home inspection

  • Having an inspection done before you list the home is a good idea because it allows you to identify and repair any issues, which might jump out at a prospective buyer.
  • A typical inspection will run between $200 and $400 for a three or four bedroom home.
  • Because most buyers will have an inspection done anyway, you place yourself ahead of the competition by volunteering the inspection and results.
  • Recent statistics show that for every $1 of identified repairs, the buyer is likely to ask for double that in a price reduction.

3.  Beat The Sluggish market

  • Use the secrets of staging experts, or hire one.
  • Find out what's wrong with the house and get it fixed.
  • Come up with a comprehensive home-selling strategy.
  • Offer incentives that put money in the buyer's pocket.
  • Make the house move-in ready. Throw in the furniture, flat-screen TV, washer/dryer, appliances, backyard jacuzzi AND the kitchen sink.

4.  Some Home Improvement Facts...

  • Not all remodels are good.  Keep the buyer's interest in mind, not your own.
  • Do it yourself.  You may be convinced that you can do it just as well as a contractor, but news flash! You can't.
  • Pools add value.  In many areas, a pool is a big liability and a pain to maintian.  A swimming pool can easily turn into a money pit.
  • Follow the latest design trends.  Trends fade and must be updated.  Neutral color and design are the safest bet!

5.  Is it Real Property or Personal Property?

What goes with the home and what stays?  The general rules is:  "If it is attached to the structure or to the ground, it stays with the house."

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