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Selling Your Home - Our Marketing Process

What We Do:

The first three parts of our marketing strategy are the Listing Plan, Position Pricing, and Staging.

To see the details about the remainder of our marketing process use the links below OR scroll down the page. It is important to note that we do all of this Marketing for ALL of our Home Listings!

Buyer Incentives
Preparing Your House For Showing
Professional Property Brochures, Photos, Video and Virtual Tours
Enhanced MLS Listings
Print ads • Sunday open houses • Postcard marketing campaign
Marketing via Steinborn & MLS Meetings
Directed, Target Marketing Programs for Agents & Potential Buyers
Local, National, and International Marketing
Management of all Offers To Purchase Your Home
Transaction Management

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Give Buyers what they want before they ask!

There are many advantages to doing A Formal Pre-Inspection.

  • Show a buyer that you have obtained, and followed the inspector's recommendations.
  • Clean up, paint, and fix everything that is needed to put your home in Peak Showing Condition.
  • This will give your home a definite advantage over all the other homes that potential buyers are looking at.

You may want to offer buyer incentives in the listing.

  • A Home Warranty
  • Pay the Buyer's Closing Costs.
  • Pre-determine what household things (appliances, drapes, furnishings, etc.) that you are willing to give the buyer in order to make the deal.

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Staging and Pre-Inspection are essential parts of getting your home sold.

  • We consider it part of our Marketing Plan to participate with you in the process.

  • Following the Pre-inspection, and your Free Consultation with our Staging Expert, we will walk through your home with you, and together we will to agree upon the preparations that you may need, and those that you want to do. Please review the Staging Section there are Reference Materials that will help you before, during and after your home staging.

  • After everything is competed, we will again walk through your home with you to be sure your home is in peak showing condition. (see checklists in "450 Ideas Book" & "How to get your house ready to show"Based on our final walk-through evaluation, we may need to adjust our pricing and marketing strategies.

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Communication is the step most often overlooked by Agents, and it is the most common cause of discontent by Sellers.

  • We will set up a regular schedule for contact that meets your needs.

  • We will provide you with progress reports. As part of our reporting process, you will see the views of your property on every Website, Virtual Tour views, and review showing reports.

  • We will work together to decide what changes we need to make in the positioning of your home in the marketplace to facilitate its sale.

  • In between scheduled updates, we will always be available to answer any questions, or provide any information you request.

  • After each showing, our automated showing feedback program will contact the showing Agent, and request their evaluation the property, as well as their buyer's feedback. We will update you as soon as the Agent responds.

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We strongly advise you to allow us to establish a process which makes every effort to make it easy for Agents to show your home to their buyers. As part of our marketing, we will assist you in any ways that you need to facilitate these showings. Showings are the benchmark for our Marketing Program.

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Property Brochures

Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team, homes for sale in las cruces, las cruces real estateSee an Example of one of our professional quality, custom-designed, 2- sided, full-color, brochures. Note our use of multiple photos and special enhancements.

You will find these Brochures on all of our websites

They get extensive REALTOR and Potential Buyer Distribution in print and e-mail through our Targeted Market Campaign. (Described below)

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MLS database We take advantage of every allowable enhancement by personally entering your listing. This is very important since Buyers have access to this information during their online searches, and Agents use this to decide which properties to show to their clients.

Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team, homes for sale in las cruces, las cruces real estate See an Example of a MLS Database Listing
with all of our enhancements marked and explained.

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There are 3 Marketing Techniques which are rarely effective in selling your home which many Agents use because it market's the Agent more than your home.

We will use these under specific circumstances where we believe it enhances the exposure of YOUR HOME.
Print ads
Sunday open houses
Postcard marketing campaigns

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Weekly Steinborn Office Meeting & Multiple Listing Service Realtor's Weekly Meeting

    Agents meet together on a weekly basis both in our office and city-wide Agents meet at the Multiple Listing Service Office. At each meeting we will present your home with its features, pictures and highlights.

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Target Marketing
Direct Agent / Potential Buyer Programs

With the exception of Online Marketing, this is the next most effective Marketing Technique that we use.

Our computer expertise has allowed us to develop a customized, target marketing program.

This "drip contact marketing program" schedules the distribution of multi- format E-mail and Print Material on a regular and recurring basis to a selected targeted contacts. 

These materials use unique ways to keep your property at the top of the minds of 3 targeted groups that represent the majority of Las Cruces home sales.

#1 We know 60% of top Las Cruces Real Estate Agents are Steinborn & Associates Agents, and only 34 Non- Steinborn Agents sold over $1 Million in Buyer Represented Sales in the past year. This concentrates and directs our marketing efforts to the "right" REALTORS.

#2 We direct this same process to our personal extensive database of current and past clients who act as a referral base for us.

#3 We use our own database of qualified, potential buyers. These are obtained from various sources: referrals, buyer self-referral, and from our  Online Marketting

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Marketing via Broker and Corporate Affiliate
"Leading Real Estate Companies of the World"

  • Our Corporate Partner Affiliation with the "Leading Real Estate Companies of the World" gives your home's listing tremendous exposure the the best Real Estate Companies and Agents. Industry reports indicate that for 2010 the Company and its affiliates sold 29% of the homes sold in the US. This was 30% more than their closest competitor.
  • See a Profile of both Steinborn & Associates and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and the benefits they bring to our process of selling your home.

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Management of Offers to Purchase Your Home

  • We will be diligent in out response to all inquiries
  • We will analyze all submitted purchase offers
  • We will provide cousel regarding any offer
  • We will act as your trusted advisor and expert negotiator to insure that the final contract that you accept contains the best possible price and terms

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Transaction Management

Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream TeamLearn about the importance of this process. We make sure that from the time you sign the Contract to the signing of all Closing Documents, the transaction proceeds smoothly and with no hassle for you.

  • We will coordinate
  • We will monitor
  • We are available at all times
  • We are at closing to make sure the process is smooth

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Explore our very special

Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team, homes for sale in las cruces, las cruces real estate




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