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Despite our Listing Plan, Staging, and Marketing Plan, PRICING your home properly is the single biggest factor that will determine whether your home SELLS OR DOES NOT SELL.

Our approach to Pricing or Price Positioning is unique. We will determine a listing price based on our expertise in analyzing Market statistics and comparing your home to all the current home listings. 

The price your home will sell for is NOT based on:

  • What you paid for it 
  • What your neighbor's house sold for 
  • The amount of money you need from the sale
  • Your personal attachment to the home
  • What another agent said it is worth

In order to price your home to sell for the highest possible current market value in the shortest time, you need these 3-Reports:

  1. An Analysis of the Las Cruces Real Estate Market
  2. A Comparative Market Analysis for your home (CMA)
  3. Absorption Rate Pricing

1.    An Analysis of the Las Cruces Real Estate Market

A good Real Estate Market Analysis will show you past, current, and potential future Market status and trends based on these statistics:

  • The number of Homes Listed for sale (Supply),
  • The number of Homes Sold (Demand),
  • The Median Price of Sold Homes,
  • How long it is taking Demand (Sales) to absorb the available Supply (Listings).

Months, Quarters, and Years need to be evaluated. and the data for each period must be compared to previous periods to determine a Market Trend.

Different segments of the Market like locations, price ranges, and new vs. re-sale homes can behave differently, and these need to be analyzed separately.

The Real Estate Market Analysis only tells us the status, and the trend of the Overall Market, or  particular Segments of the Market. The important conclusion is whether Supply and Demand are in Balance, is it a Buyer's Market (S > D), or a Seller's Market (D > S), and which way is the moving (Trend).

See the details about a Real Estate Market Analysis

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2.    Comparative Market Analysis or "CMA"

Sellers often explore the internet looking at homes and prices. They may get an online Free CMA, and then both the Seller and most Agents try to base the price of the home entirely on an interpretation of the data found in this single report.

A CMA is a Report that looks at properties in the area around your home that can be considered similar (Comparable) to yours. You must be sure that all the data is current, all the comparables are truly similar to your home, and you must be sure that bias has not been introduced by the addition or exclusion of certain properties.

To truly understand what a Comparitive Market Analysis Report (CMA) is, we will provide you with a Free, No Obligation, (No Agent will call) Online CMA for your home.

What you will find in any CMA Summary Report is that there is a range of Prices, and Price per Square Foot among the "comparable" sold homes. You and/or your Real Estate Agent will then need to "estimate" a price range that your home falls into, and then "estimate" a single listing price for your home.  You don't really want to guess. You want to know what is the actual Fair Market Price for your home.

To set the RIGHT Price for your home:

1. We need to narrow our price range up or down based on the current state of the Market and expected future trends, and look at the range of prices that similar homes have recently been selling for (CMA). 

2. The critical difference is to look at the pool of active listings in our price range that we are actually competing with and combine that information with the Market Analysis and CMA.

3. The goal is to determine a price which positions your home at the top of the list of all competing homes. Buyers will WANT to see it, and Agents will want to show it. This Price Positioning concept is Absorption Rate Based Pricing which we discuss below.

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3.    Absorption Rate Pricing

A summary of this final pricing tool is presented here:
We have prepared a unique detailed PDF presentation of this concept for you.

The Real Estate Market Analysis(above) told us about the Overall Real Estate Market, the CMA(above) has given us a price range in which your home would probably sell, but we have not yet looked down into the actual pool of homes that your home is competing with.

Buyers are looking for VALUE. They want the best QUALITY home for the lowest PRICE. 

Absorption Based Pricing / Positioning enable you to price your home so that it is the best possible value among its competition.


First, you must understand Absorption Rates and how they affect you.

Absorption Rate (AR) is the true measure of Supply and Demand. This is what controls the "Market. In Real Estate, when Supply (listings) is divided by the Demand ( Avg. # sales/month) we get the number of months needed to absorb that entire inventory at the current rate of sales. Currently  the AR in Las Cruces is 13 months. Only a few Buyers this month (<100) will buy one the (>1200) homes listed.

The Home Sellers must provide a compelling reason for the Buyer to choose their home. Each Home Seller has only a 1 in 13 chance of their home being sold in any one month. You want to get your home sold soon - not 13-months from now.


Absorption Based Pricing maximizes the chances of your home selling soon.

Every Potential Buyer is watching each new listing as soon as it comes on the Market. If they are going to buy they will compare all the available homes, and select the home that gives them the Most Value and the Best Price.

You must Position your home's Value and Price correctly from day #1.

Your home needs to rank as high as possible among the pool of all competing homes. You have a  90-day "golden window of opportunity."



What do you need to do to rise to the top of homes that
Buyers want to see and Agents want to show?

You must now see all of the competing homes through they eyes of a Buyer. You must be unemotional and unbiased. Take every active listing surrounding the estimated price / price range of your home that you perceive as your competition, and do a comparison of your home against each of these homes. 

If, after looking at the competition, your home does not rank high enough,

  • And you cannot improve the QUALITY Criteria any more than you already have
  • Then to increase the perceived VALUE of your home
  • PRICE needs to be the equalizer

The only way to sell your home in this Market is to PRICE IT CORRECTLY.


Here We Provide You With Detailed Reference Material:

Absorption Based Pricing a detailed Printable PDF presentation

The Home Sellers Guide To Pricing detailed Printable PDF presentation

Pricing during the "Golden Window of Opportunity"

The consequences of overpricing at the time of the listing

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evelyn bruder dream team pricing your home to sellThe Evelyn Bruder Dream Team has the knowledge, credentials and experience to assist you in analyzing all of this information, and help you determine the fair market value for your home. This is what gets your home shown, showings create offers, and offers create sales.

What is your Las Cruces Home worth? You can get an estimated value based on a single step comparative market analysis (CMA) online.
For a confidential appointment or if you have any questions, feel free to give Evelyn a call at 575-650-7224 or Contact Us Online

Your home will be priced right with The Evelyn Bruder Team!
There's a reason that The Evelyn Bruder Team and Steinborn & Associates Real Estate sells the most homes in Las Cruces.
We study the market daily and prepare an expert market analysis  in order to price your home right.

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