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Seller's Guide Preview

Chapter 1:  An Introduction

Selling a home is not an everyday experience. It can be a complicated process. To successfully sell your home you must systematically plan all the steps involved and fit the pieces together. As a Real Estate Professional in the business of accomplishing all the steps that are needed to make the process easier for you, we have put our experience into this handbook. To see how we use all of the steps in this Guide to create a plan for selling your home as fast as possible, with the least inconvenience to you, and for the best price possible.

Chapter 2:  Planning Your Strategy

Chapter 3:  Steps In Selling A Home

Chapter 4:  Meeting Your Agent

  • Section A:. Pricing
  • Section B: Your Net Proceeds
  • Section C: Tax Implications
  • Section D: Both Selling  & Buying - How to avoid 2 Mortgages

Chapter 5:  A Marketing Plan Specifically For Your Home

  • Section A: Introduction
  • Section B: Preparing Your House For Sale
  • Section C: The Marketing Plan

Chapter 6:  From Sale To Settlement

  • Section A: From Offer to Sales Contract
  • Section B: The Sales Contract
  • Section C: Personal Property That Conveys
  • Section D: Time Between Contract and Settlement
  • Section E: Settlement
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